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  • Time: August 29, 2016, starting at 9:00AM
  • Room: Floor 2,splendid Hall
  • Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton Shanghai - Pudong
  • Address: 889 Yanggao Nan Road, Pudong Shanghai, P.R.China, 200127
  • Food will be served: AM tea time/ PM tea time, Buffet lunch

You are invited to a Zoom meeting now.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +14086380968,215866962# or +16465588656,215866962#

Or Telephone:

   Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
   Meeting ID: 215 866 962
   International numbers available:

Or a H.323/SIP room system:

   H.323: (US West) or (US East) 
   Meeting ID: 215 866 962


Slides decks

Integration current Infrastructure - Tools update by Gary Wu 
Use Case break down and Testing strategy by Casem Majd
NFVO introduction by Chengli Wang
OPEN-O test lab by Chengli Wang
OPNFV the 2nd plugfest plan by Chengli Wang
Integration Workshop Presentation-Common Service by Huabing Zhao
OPEN-O API Portal Proposal by Huabing Zhao 
Open-O Integration F2F Shanghai Summery by Helen Chen and more

August 29, 2016 Integration Day Meeting Minutes

Use Case break down and Testing strategy

Presenter: Cas 
Emphasize that each team should automate the functional testing. Mock up server may be used to simulate external components.
Question on Mock server and Driver integration testing (Lizong) 
Assumption is that test case covers the described the agreed Use Case. 
Assumption presented are agreed by all participants (slide 11) 
Release 1 is single tenancy.

Integration current Infrastructure - Tools update

Presenter: Gary 

Talk about all the repos we have in OPEN-O. 
More specific on Oparent, License check, 

Code style (setup as warning in Sun Release), Google style (which is well known and well documented)
Explanation of what Nexus provides: Repository for Java 

CI Management Jenkins Jobs: 
JJB job: comprehensive versus core
Explanation on how to setup the environment

Language to be checked: Oparent will perform checks only for Java in Sun Release. 
Question: Backward Compatibility. 
Answer: because we are in a very early stage (incubation), API changes are allowed, communication to the whole team is critical. 
Question: Who is writing unit test code. 
Answer: the developers. 
Question: Who execute the unit test code. 
Answer: the Jenkins infrastructure will invoke the test. 

Action Item:
Gary to publish his slides and link from here.

API Portal, levearing Micro Service

Presenter: Huabing 
OPEN-O API Portal Proposal
Proposal to address problems: format consistency, no API portal, manual update of documents 
This proposal should be seen as an internal OPEN-O tool to generate and present APi. This is not something we will put into production.

Question: Should we use Swagger to first define our needs and the derive the code, or do the reverse, write the code and generate the definition. 
Answer: as we are reaching M3 , the code is ready to generate the API. This discussion is also in mail list. 

Question: Where should the proposed model be applicable: Inner or Outer API discussion. 
Answer: Stretch goal for Outer for Sun Release. 

Action Item: 
Huabing and Alex: Offline discussion on the necessity of Service name Suggestion to make reservation for Tenant ID. Further team discussion needed (Alex) Concern on using VMs and deployment impact. Further team discussion needed (Alex)


Presenter: Li Zhongbiao

Presentation of GSO entity diagram at GSO-ReleaseArchitecture
Presentation by Murali and Seshu Kumar of a test framework (for functional testing), already used by SDNO, NFVO, GSO plans to use it.


Presenter: Chengli

Slide deck presentation.
NFVO introduction 
Numerous questions on the structure of Lifecycle Manager. Discussion on where VNFM Driver should be or not inside the NFVO box. More talk needed.
Deployment concerns on laptop? Maybe We should design different levels of deployment policies according to the workload, for the lowest level NFVO can be deployed on single VM, rack server or laptop.

Common Services

Presenter: Huabing

Slide deck presentation
Integration Workshop Presentation-Common Service

Integration Community Lab

Presenter: Chengli 
OPEN-O test lab presentation
The focus of the lab is to provide an environment for demo purposes. This is not for integration testing.
Discussion if the lab availability is or not a Sun Release deliverable. The Lab Team will take OPEN-O cpts as they become available but won’t be able to have the demo lab available the same day as the Sun release. This has to be brought to TSC knowledge (there may be other expectation that we don’t know) and approval.

Action Item: Get approval from TSC on the discussion regarding Lab availability date.

OPNFV Plugfest

Presenter: Chengli

OPNFV the 2nd plugfest plan presentation

Discussion on what to demo

Who will be here

  1. Helen chen@huawei
  2. Wangchengli@chinamobile
  3. yangjianyjy@chinamobile
  4. liuyuanyjy@chinamobile
  5. shentao@chinamobile
  6. Liuguangmin@huawei
  7. Huangleibo@ZTE
  8. Zhangmaopeng@ZTE
  9. fu.jinhua@ZTE
  10. meng.zhaoxing@ZTE
  11. Zhao.huabing@ZTE
  12. Murali@huawei
  13. renyingjie@huawei
  14. Herui@huawei
  15. yehailin@huawei
  16. lizongbiao@huawei
  17. victor.gao@huawei
  18. seshu.kumar.m@huawei
  19. olga.havel@huawei
  21. gildas.lanilis@huawei
  22. alex.vul@intel
  23. Cas.Majd@Huawei
  24. Arthur.tyloch@canonical
  25. Wan Qing@Ericsson
  26. Arthur@gigaspace