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The purpose of this page is to provide a step by step procedure to use Scrum within Jira.

Anyone who has a valid LFID can submit a JIRA Issue.

It is assumed that the readers has familiarized himself with:

  • the JIRA Workflow and Practices : explain Jira terminology, workflow, and the expected information to describe an issue. 
  • the Scrum Framework : explain the importance of Scrum along with the roles, the ceremonies and the artifacts

The links below are procedures that dive deeper to address everyday usage of Jira.

  1. Create a Backlog item
  2. Edit a Backlog item
  3. Prioritize a Backlog item
  4. Estimate a Backlog item
  5. Create a Sprint
  6. Start a Sprint
  7. Work in a Sprint
  8. Track Progress