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This page documents the practices in place for Mercury Release. These practices were presented during Mercury Release planning at Shenzhen Dec 13-16, 2016.

Improve visibility

  • Using Jira ScrumBoard is Mandatory for all Projects 
  • At M1, PTL must create Backlog (Epic, Story) in Jira. Backlog must be prioritized. Refer to "JIRA how to?" for step by step procedure for managing Jira.
  • For each Sprint, Community (team member) must create Tasks in JIRA. Step by step procedure are available.

Improve Quality

  • Reach 50% Code Coverage at M2
  • CSIT Use Cases documented in wiki at M2
  • Show evidence that CSIT is in place (50%) at M3
  • CSIT Use Cases all PASS at M4
  • Comply with CI rules: Fix the broken built

Source Code Management

Defect Management

Built: Code Style

  • Strict Enforcement of Java Code Style. Build Failure
  • Use Google Java Style, except:
    • 4.2: Block indentation: +4 spaces instead of +2
    • 4.4: Column limit: 120 instead of 100


  • Comply with FOSS Practices
  • NEVER remove License and Copyright Information
  • NEVER Copy & Paste code from Internet

In Case of Non Compliance

  • Re-assign issue to reporter
  • CR -1
  • FAIL the Built
  • FAIL the Milestone