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This page provides for each OPEN-O Release the release strategy, the GB guidelines, the high level priorities and the schedule.

Table of Contents

Mercury Release

OPEN-O Sun Release was delivered as planned on Nov 3, 2016.
The Teams are currently working on defining the new Mercury Release (Use Cases, Projects, Functionality, Scope, Milestone) and we will use this place to communicate as we build the plans.
Stay tuned!

Only new projects need TSC approval to launch. Existing projects simply need to declare their intention to continue and publish their project plans for community review (in Confluence) before M1.

Mercury Priorities

Release Strategy

GB Guidance

Open Questions

Mercury Calendar

Review MilestoneDateEvents
Kick-OffM0Nov 7, 2016Planning process opens. Proposed project review, architectural review
PlanningM1Jan 5, 2017Planning process complete
Functionality freezeM2Jan 26, 2017Functionality freeze, test plan identified
ArchitectureM3Feb 16, 2017API/data model freeze, architecture checkpoint
Code FreezeM4March 2, 2017Code Freeze. Jira issues are either fixed in the current release or assigned to next release.
IntegrationRC0March 16, 2017Release candidate 0
 RC1March 30, 2017Release candidate 1
 RC2April 13, 2017Release candidate 2
Sign-OffRelease DeliveryApril 27, 2017Target release date


  • Thanksgiving in US in on Thursday, Nov 24 2016. Thanksgiving Friday is Nov 25. There are non-working day.
  • Christmas. Sunday, Dec 25 2016. Usually people take 1 week break between Christmas and new year.
  • New Year. Sunday, Jan 1. 2017.
  • Martin Luther King. Monday, January 16.
  • Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). Saturday, Jan 28 2017. People in China take 1 week off.
  • US Presidents' Day. Monday, February 20.
  • Ireland Saint Patrick day, Friday, March 17.
  • China Ching Ming Festival. Tuesday, April 4.
  • Israel Passover. Monday, April 10.
  • Ireland Easter Monday. Monday, April 17.
  • China May Day. Monday, May 1.


Release Strategy

Competitive Pressure

  • Open Source orchestrators: OSM, Open ECOMP, OpenBaton, Tacker, etc.
  • Service Providers are creating their strategies/alignments now
  • Testing

Strategic Priority for Mercury

  • Get Open-O into as many SP labs as possible

Mercury Theme

Lab Ready release


  • Installable
    • easy to install
    • smaller footprint - can we run it on a laptop? Can we spread Open-O across a cluster?
  • Interoperable
    • real equipment
    • Open Source in SP labs (OPNFV, ODL, ONOS, OpenStack, etc.)
    • Simulator(s)
    • MEFNet
  • Documentation (getting started guide)
  • Use case relevant to SP operations/business teams
    • What would they like to sell to customers?

Mercury Priorities

Priorities for Mercury release (no particular order)

These priorities reflect conversations we have been having in the community and attempt to reflect a broad consensus of important areas to consider. PTLs and project teams should look at these when assembling project plans for Mercury or proposing new projects.

For discussion / editing

  • Data modeling
  • Architecture alignment
  • Additional integration partners/drivers
  • Native ODL, ONOS, OPNFV, MEF Presto, etc.
  • Expanding the ecosystem
    • Policy, analytics, etc.
  • Others?

GB Guidance

GB asked the TSC to prepare release plans and recommend a use case to the GB

  • Release delivery in April or May (prepare plans for both and illustrate scope differences)
  • Look for opportunities to unify GS-O, NFV-O, SDN-O
    • Chris' interpretation: work on model-driven SDN-O and look to move more components into O-Common (such as SFC) using microservices approach
  • Architectural alignment and address technical debt
  • Check with operators regarding use case
    • use for testing/integration efforts
    • Early feedback has been for vIMS/vEPC. Others?

Open Questions


  • Should we replace mysql with another database with a friendlier licensing scheme? PostgreSQL?
  • Should we use a single database for multiple services (e.g., GS-O, NFV-O, SDN-O) to reduce the installed footprint?


  • how can we simplify installation?
    • should we have a common installer for Open-O (e.g., Joid, Foreman, Apex, Compass, etc.)? Which one?


  • how can we share more common functions between GS-O, SDN-O, and NFV-O?

third-party alignment

  • can we add drivers for additional 3rd party open source projects?
    • native ODL
    • native ONOS
    • MEF Presto (to ODL?)

Sun Release

OPEN-O Target Sun Release Date: Nov 3, 2016

This release plan is applicable to all projects who have been approved at project Kick-Off Approved Projects.

OPEN-O is adopting a simultaneous delivery model, meaning that all contributing projects have to follow the cadence and intermediate milestones as defined below.

For OPEN-O the release cadence is 6 months.

To avoid to much of formal review, TSC will provide its formal approval for project Kick-Off and Sign-Off only.
However, all reviews must be carefully documented in Project Wiki. For intermediate milestones (M2, M4,RC1) a 1-one page summary must be emailed to TSC and Release Manager.


Review MilestoneDateEvents
Kick-OffM0June 8, 2016Planning process opens. Proposed project review, architectural review
PlanningM1August 5, 2016Planning process complete
 M 2August 11, 2016Functionality freeze, test plan identified
ArchitectureM3Sept 1, 2016API/data model freeze, architecture checkpoint
 M4Sept 15, 2016Code Freeze. Jira issues are either fixed in the current release or assigned to next release.
IntegrationRC0Sept 29, 2016Release candidate 0
 RC1Oct 20, 2016Release candidate 1
Sign-Off Release DeliveryNov 3, 2016Target release date