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Approved Project:


Use Cases:

Use Case proposal from China Mobile

Practices for Mercury Release:


Hotel Information:

Hotel Name: Grand Skylight Garden Hotel

Hotel Name in Chinese: 花园格兰云天大酒店


Hotel Address: F4 Tianmian City Building, Shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 518026, China (Huaqiang North)

Hotel Address in Chinese: 深圳市福田区深南中路4026号田面城市大厦花园格兰云天大酒店4楼(华强北)


Telephone: 0755-82816666

Fax:            0755-82474511





We'd like to thank our sponsors ZTE for hosting the Awards and Community dinner, Intel for providing the lunches and Huawei for the meeting facilities. 

Agenda (December 13th - 16th)

Meetings run 8:30 am - 6 pm except as noted. 

 Main Meeting Room 2F Radu BallroomBreakout Room 2F Wallflower Ballroom

Tuesday (AM)


Release Objectives (Chris)

Use Case Discussion

  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • HKT
  • Other proposals?

Open Discussion

Tuesday (PM)

Release Management (Glidas) (2:00-4:00)

  • Best Practices
  • Updated rules and requirements for Mercury
  • Tools

Project Breakout sessions (4:00-6:00)

GB Meeting (2:30p - 5:30p)

(GB members only)

Tuesday (Evening)OPEN-O Awards and Community Dinner (6:30p-9:30p)
Location: ShunDeLao Restaurant (Map below)
3rd Floor, ab building of HuaQiang Garden, Hongfu Road.  
Wednesday (AM)


Project Breakout meetings

Collaboration Sessions

ETSI/OPNFV/OSM: 9:00-12:00

Limited to TSC Voting Members and GB Members only

Wednesday (PM)

ARC Meeting (Uri)

ODL Collaboration Session (4:30-6:00)

Modelling:13:30 to 14:30, Discussion about TOSCA, Shitao Li 

Marketing Committee (2:30p - 5:30p)

(Marketing Committee representatives only)

Thursday (AM)

New Project Proposals

  • SDN Hub (China Telecom)
  • Multiple VIMs (WindRiver)
  • G-VNFM (Maopeng)
  • Others per request


09:00 to 10:00 Models in NFVO (Maopeng),

10:00 to 10:45 Models in VNF SDK(Tal)

breakout (15 mins)

11:00 to 11:30 Models in GSO (JinXin)

11:30 to 11:45 General topic for Modelling project(Chengli)

Thursday (PM)

Mercury Backlog Reviews for Existing Projects

PTLs: Please briefly review your Mercury plans

30 minutes each
  • NFV-O (Lingli 1:30-2)
  • SDN-O (Olga 2-2:30)
  • GS-O (Jinxin/Brendan 2:30-3)
  • Common TOSCA (Tal/Nati 3-3:30)
  • Common Services (Huabing 3:30-4)
  • Modeling (Chengli 4-4:30)
  • VNF SDK (Zongbiao 4:30-5)
  • Integration (Helen 5-5:30)
Friday (AM)

New Projects Clarification (8:30-11:00)

  • Policy
  • SFC
  • SDN Hub Driver

Joint GB/TSC Meeting (11:00a - 12:00p)

  • Use Case
  • Priorities
  • Scope
  • Release Plan


OPEN-O Awards and Community Dinner (RSVP Required) 

Dinner Restaurant: ShunDeLao Restaurant 
Address: 3rd Floor, ab building of HuaQiang Garden, Hongfu Road. 

Dinner Restaurant is about 900m east of meeting hotel. May walk to the restaurant in 15min.