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  • Project Name: Modelling
  • Repository name: Reference to Repository
  • Project Description: 
    OPEN-O Modelling project coordinates all the metadata modelling from both design time and run time of OPEN-O orchestration. It’s a document project and intended to ensure cross-project alignment in metadata model design and implementation for each OPEN-O release, modelling has no code output, and may share tools in other projects
    The project will output and maintain related documents based on common understanding and to be used to better guide the implementation of the model driven framework through design time and run time.
  • Project Scope
    From current OPEN-O Architecture, The metadata modelling includes Several model types, each may be consumed in different project in different time, e.g. resource modelling, network service modelling, end2end service modelling and may introduce new model type in the future (like product, offer etc.)

    All these models can be classified in different views:
    • For different format: Package(CSAR)/Template(Blueprint)
    • For different domain: E2E/SDN/NFV
    • For different users: CFS/RFS
    Participating projects need to be aligned with consistent data modelling
    • Orchestration services: GS-O, SDN-O, NFV-O
    • Tools: Common Tosca (Catalog, Parser, Model Designer, etc.), VNF SDK, etc
    Alignment with TSC and Architecture Committee
    • Modelling project should instruct the models design and coordination between projects in the view of implementation, maintain the documents of models.
    • All of these practical works should keep in alignment with Architecture Committee's long-term architecture and models approaches.
  • What is this project trying to address?
    • The Problem: Without a common coordination platform, the interaction between different implementation and tooling projects has to go through an ad hoc manner, which is not efficient and trackable.
    • Goals: To ensure for each OPEN-O release, a centralized and therefore consistent metadata modelling for the whole E2E assets management procedure, where all related participating projects can collaborate in reaching a common understanding for data modelling to address the targeted usecase for a given OPEN-O release in the planning phase, before ad-hoc design and coding in parallel in implementation phase.
    • How to solve the problems: 
      • For each release, the OPEN-O TSC is committed to address a group of usecases from the BoD, which need to be broken down into a common metadata model as well as functional features of each participating projects.
      • For the model part, as shown in this diagram, which borrows the TMF’s model for service modelling, there is a layering of different models, to be supported by various participating projects, with support from common tooling projects.
        Modelling Scope

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