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  • Yingjun Li
  • Gildas Lanilis
  • JinXin
  • TianMing

China Mobile:

  • Chengli Wang
  • Yu Zhiqiang
  • Qiao Fu

Integration Team in China:

  • Liu Guangmin (Huawei)
  • Gao Weitao (Victor) (Huawei)
  • Lu Xin (Huawei)
  • Quan Zhong (Huawei)
  • He Rui (Huawei)
  • Huabing Zhao (ZTE)
  • ...

Dec 9, EST. Integration Demo System is ready ON SITE

  • With the support of China Mobile and Huawei team, the integration could be demonstrated  via system deployed on site.

Demo Session on Dec 8, 11:00-12:00 pm EST 

Integration Labs and Team

  • Remote Off-Site OPNFV Lab
    • HUAWEI OPNFV lab in Langfang used for integration and remote demo
    • ZTE Nanjing lab participating in early stage integration test
  • Local: on Bare Metal 
    • Installing CentOS for OPEN-O running environment.
    • Deploying Open-O
    • Deploying JUJU as generic VNFM
    • Integrating with OPNFV C release (Mitaka)
  • China Mobile and Huawei Integration Team support on site.


OPNVF Labs used for integration

Off-Site (Remote) Labs: HUAWEI Lab in Langfang, ZTE Lab in Nanjing.

On-Site Lab: Huawei servers


Daily Status