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Project Description 

OPEN-O Integration is responsible for the successful delivery and industry adoption of the Open-O project as a whole. It includes:

  • Continuous system integration tool chain: the integration framework / automated tools
  • All the cross-project infrastructure code and scripts,
  • Cross-project system test cases,
  • Best practice guidance related to cross-project Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT)
  • POC

Integration Meetings 

Common Tools and Infrastructures 

Installation Instructions 

Sun Release Installation Instructions

Video Record

  • OPEN-O use case Enterprise2DC verification record, this video recorded by OPEN-O Integration team contributor Yu Peng(


Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile.




Project Proposal 

OPEN-O Integration Project Proposal

OPEN-O Parent Project Proposal

Project Plan 

Integration:Release 1:Release Plan

Release 1 Integration Test Plan and Progress 

Release 1 Test Plan and Progress Page

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