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Community Guidelines

Please also review our Wiki Guidelines and Community Guidelines documents for additional guidelines and consequences associated with violating any of our guidelines.
As its name says, this is a Wiki, please avoid uploading Word, Excel and PDF documents. These are not easy to maintain, there is no history and we never know what is the latest version.

The Wiki is Public

Everything in the wiki is public.

  • Every edit and every new page created goes into the recent changes feed, which means that people will see your edits, even if you haven't yet linked to a page.
  • Once it's out there, it's public. The wiki content may be mirrored, has feeds and is in the Google cache, so deleting something doesn't make it go away.
  • When you delete content from a page, the original content will still remain in the history for that page.

Collaborative Process

Creating articles in the wiki is a collaborative process. After you have written your piece, others may:

  • Edit
  • Alter
  • Adapt
  • Add

So don't worry about making your article perfect the first time through. Don't hesitate to add content you think is useful and don't hesitate to make edits where you think you can help. There's always somebody to fix anything that breaks.


  • Keep your writing informative and not too casual, not too formal.
  • Avoid using technical language gratuitously. Explain or define terms which might reasonably be unknown to a reader.
  • If you need to use acronyms, explain them with the first use.
  • Page names should be short and to the point.
    • The page name is a label, not a sentence.
    • Use spaces. NoCamelCase (that is, use "Root access" instead of "RootAccess").
    • Use sentence capitalization for page titles. Only proper nouns should be capitalized after the first word (for example, ''Contributing to OPEN-O'' is OK, ''Contributing To The Wiki'' is not).
    • When using sub-pages, make sure that you are really grouping several related pages under a common root. Deep hierarchies make for long names. As a general rule, use no more than two levels for subpages (for example, ''<nowiki>Community Office/Meetings</nowiki>'' is OK, ''<nowiki>Community Office/Meetings/Meeting minutes from May 11</nowiki>'' is not).
    • [ This article on URL design] explains some of the principles behind good URL names - and every wiki page name is also a URL.

For more information, see the Wikipedia Style Guide.

Using the Wiki (How-to)

Where to start

Before creating a new page, you should first make sure that a page on your topic does not already exist:

  1. In the search box in the upper right corner, enter your topic.
  2. If the exact topic exists, the page will open.
  3. If there are related pages, you will get a search results page. Check if your topic is in the results.
  4. If your topic does not exist, choose create this page.

How to edit a page

If you'd like to change a page.

  1. Make sure that you are logged in to the wiki with your username.
  2. Click the Edit tab.
  3. Enter your changes in the box.
  4. In the Summary box, enter a short explanation of what you did.
  5. Click Show preview if you want to check your changes.
  6. Click Save page.

Creating Label

Each and every new page MUST below to a Label.
Existing Label in Open-O are available at List of OPEN-O Label.

To Labelize our page, click the pen at the right bottom of your page.

Creating a subpage

Many sections in the wiki are organized by subtopic. There has been some confusion about how to create subpages, so here are the instructions:

  • Make sure you are logged in (and see instructions above for searching before you create a new page).
  • In the search box, type ''Community Office/My new page name''.
  • Click "Go".


To avoid creating orphan pages (that is, wiki pages that no other wiki page links to), it is recommended that you create a page by linking to it first, and then clicking on the link to the non-existent page. For example, ''Quality/My new page name''. Also note that creating subpages more than 2 deep is advised against, since it makes link names longer, and does not help with the maintenance of the wiki. See the Style section above for the very brief style guide to the wiki.


Based on wiki guidelines.