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Jobs in OPEN-O are not configured through the Jenkins UI, but rather through Jenkins Job Builder. That helps to have all the configuration of the projects under Source Control (Gerrit).

Jenkins UI can be used to monitor the Jobs status and access the log files.

To understand how to create and configure Jenkins job, look at what has been documented for OpenDayLight at Jenkins.

Every OPEN-O project is expected to setup their project to inherit from the OPEN-O ci-management artifacts.

Get your project visible into Jenkins

To get your jobs to appear in the OPEN-O Jenkins-master silo, create a <project>.yaml file in the ci-management project’s jjb directory.

Create JJB Directory
git clone
cd ci-management
mkdir jjb/<new-project>
Then edit jjb/<project>/<project>.yaml file
Commit your changes into Gerrit


This is a very simple example to create an entry for VNF-SDK into Jenkins, by editing ci-management /jjb/vnf-sdk-design-pkg/vnf-sdk-design-pkg.yaml file.

Jenkins Config Example


If you have any questions on how to configure <project>.yaml file, email your questions to the mailing list or the helpdesk by using this email address