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In preparation for the meeting in Bonn, we need to create a short presentation outlining the OPEN-O position on modeling and alignment with modeling standards, both current and future. We have 10-15 minutes to present, so we should have no more than 7-8 slides.

Attached is the deck discussed at ARC meeting on Wednesday, Nov 16

Presentation for the multi-SDO meeting in Bonn... Updated 11/30


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  1. I'd recommend this wiki page be dedicated to defining the process for both Information Modeling and Data Modeling. In addition, it can include how modeling alignment will be coordinated across the other SDOs.  This can include specifying tools, techniques, methods and processes for collaborating on model development within Open-O and across partner SDOs. I'd recommend the wiki pages be structured differently for Information Modeling (protocol agnostic models) versus Data Modeling (implementation specific models across realized interfaces). Information models, including static diagrams such as component, class, deployment, object and package diagrams and behavioral diagrams including use case, sequence, activity and state, are best consumed by Architect roles (Contributors). On the other hand, implementation specific data models including YANG, TOSCA, etc., are best consumed by developer roles (Committers).